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Books 2 and 3 of the Coin Forest series set in 15th C. England.
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The Coin Forest Series, Book 3: Traitor's Moon
The beautiful half-Gypsy, Kadriya, yearns for true love. Raised by English nobility, she has passed the threshold of womanhood. Spurned for her mixed blood, she is now twenty and longs for acceptance. With one foot planted firmly in each of her ethnic shorelines, Kadriya struggles to find her place in the world. Teraf, an impetuous Gypsy tribal king of surpassing charm, proposes she choose her Romani legacy. The dream becomes a nightmare, though, when Teraf is accused of stealing an emerald chalice and a powerful knight, John Wynter, delivers her fiancé to the gallows. CLICK ON THE COVER TO READ MORE.
Amazon best-selling novel, Tabor's Trinket,
wins international award!


May, 2015 - Tabor’s Trinket, Book One in the Coin Forest series set in 15th century England, won the international IPPY award in the Romance category!  IPPY is the Independent Publisher Book Awards, the world’s largest book awards competition, and it drew 6,000 entries this year from USA, Canada, Australia/New Zealand and Europe!  Awards celebration party in New York on May 27. 
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Janet Lane writes the kind of historical romances I love to read--sexy, fast-paced, and peopled with characters that stay with you long after you turn the last page. --Lara Adrian, #1 International New York Times Best-selling Author


Tabor's Trinket has made Janet Lane one of my favorite authors!  --Maggie Osborne, RITA-award-winning author 

The Coin Forest Series, Book 2: Emerald Silk 

Under the dark night of a traitor’s moon, with her father not yet buried, Nicole Miles Under the dark night of a traitor's moon, with her father not yet buried, Nicole marries the half Gypsy who killed him--without the king’s blessing and under the shadow of the Evil Eye. Nicole doesn’t care whether her new husband believes in the rumors that her womb is cursed. She must protect her young brother and their family’s holdings from being seized by her land-hungry uncle.
     Then the Battle of Blore Heath erupts, the first significant fight in the War of the Roses, and Stephen must face Nicole's uncle. The battlefield chaos is a good breeding place for treachery, and the uncle stages an incident that leads the king to declare Stephen a traitor. Only Nicole can help him, but she finds no evidence to prove his innocence, and it is, in the end, a matter of trust. And who can trust a Gypsy?  CLICK ON COVER TO READ MORE

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